During my first winter in Massachusetts, the enormous tree in my backyard was taken down.  The ancient specimen was removed because it had become a nuisance.  During inclement New England winters, its snow-laden branches would often break off and crash down onto the rooftops.  This old tree had become inconvenient.

Once workers had finished cutting, I went out into the backyard and I found myself mourning its loss.  I wanted to pay tribute to the tree, the best way I know how to, so I photographed its open wounds, its pain.  I longed to show its vulnerability and document the very fact that “it was here”. It was no longer a tree, it had become a broken puzzle.  Yet, even in its eviscerated state, it was still majestic.

Trees die standing is a saying I had heard once.  So I stood there, bearing witness to this once living thing; cut, chopped and converted into pieces.  It all seemed so neat and tidy…so final, that I wanted this tree to have a second chance.

Within this series of images I’m attempting to bring new meaning, purpose and dignity to this tree.  Again and again I’ve reassembled this organism.  This tree will never be as I remembered it but I imagine it becoming something else and living forever.



All prints are made by Ileana or by a professional printing studio using fine art archival inkjet paper. Prints are shipped in a tube, or in a box if mounted or framed. 

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