P.S. I LOVE U.S.A is a series of street photographs printed at postcard size, some of them with collage. These works have been inspired by Barbara Kruger’s juxtaposition of text and image. The photographs have been taken at different times and places while living and traveling throughout the country. The collage, sometimes text, a sign or an object, allows me to redirect the meaning of the photograph to my fears as an immigrant. Those fears are related to racism and gun violence.

postcard prints

Edition and sizes information

Printed by Ileana on archival paper or by professional printing studio. Each signed on verso.

Prints are 5 x 7 or 7 x 5. All postcards sold together as one edition. Mailed in a box.

For acquisitions, please email ile at ileanadobleh dot com, or use the Contact Form.

These works are also available for licensing. Please contact Ileana with details about commercial use.