No one likes traffic, except the RIGHT one!

  And that is the RIGHT traffic to your website, the one that converts visitors into customers/collectors! Yesterday I had the very good idea of signing up to the ArtSquare FREE webminar “How to build and use an artist website“. And it was AWESOME! Thank you Andy Derrick and Cory […]

About your website, emails and all that jazz

I said I would blog more, so here it is! Taaaraaaaa!… (lonely clapping in the far) These past few weeks I’ve been hesitating about “what to blog about”, and I decided that I want this blog to have meaning and to change the world (welcome to the club Ileana!). I wouldn’t like […]


This year… Family Kitchen was part of the “On Photography” at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston, MA, which was an awesome exhibition! I was interviewed and mentioned in The New York Times because of my participation in Telephone: An International Arts Experiment with Sail Away! Some of the images of Life is Short (in Mexico) […]

Sail Away

Sail Away Last year I joined “Telephone: An International Arts Experiment” idea of Nathan Langston, from Satellite Collective. I received the picture of a painting and without knowing the original message I had to make my own interpretation.  “Sail Away” was the first thing that crossed my mind when I received the work, […]