Animal Nature

I’m from Mexico; I came to Boston at the end of 2011, with my husband, our two dogs and our cat. In Mexico pets don’t live inside the house, and this new imposed way of living made me aware of the behavioral similarities between animals and humans. Suddenly I realized that besides adapting to a new environment I was also adapting to my peculiar gang.

It is because of Rocco, Lola and Nina that I got interested in the relationship we have with animals. I’ve realized that we use them. We use them in very different aspects of our life, for companionship, food, entertainment, etc. It is my goal with this project to portray this animal-human relation and to make the viewer aware of it. I believe that we usually think so high of ourselves as humans, but at the end, we are also animal kind.

Family Kitchen  Shakiras Song  Weird Present  Window Shopping  Le Cat & Le Fish  Chickens & Tea  Uh-oh!  Le Crack!  Animal Dancing  Flying Lola  Too Many Hairy Feet  Picke Nicke IV  Nina & The Raw Turkey Meat  Lost Call

Let It Be